Owning my Mistakes

27 Sep

This. So much.


NetGalley has released their new redesigned profile, and for the most part, I love it! Now I see more of what publishers see when they look at my stats, and I like knowing that.

On the other hand, now I’m annoyed because I can see for myself how crappy my rating there is.

The ideal request-to-feedback ratio is 80%. Mine is currently 17.8%. Yeah… That’s pretty lousy. It means that among other things, publishers aren’t as likely to trust me with review copies, because there’s a statistically low chance that I’m ever going to get around to reviewing their books. And I can understand that perspective, I really can.

But there are problems with this.

For one thing, many older titles still count toward my rating, but the ability to provide feedback has been removed. So now even if I read and review those older books, the review isn’t going…

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