The Reviewer’s Dilemma: Too Many ARCs!

25 Jul

Lord, yes.


The Reviewer’s Dilemma is (apparently) a weekly feature in which I talk about the other side of reviewing. Not just the reviews themselves and how great it is to be a reviewer (and it is!) but a lot of the obstacles that reviewers often run up against and how it can and does affect what they do.

We love books. That’s why we do what we do. I think I’m safe in saying that nobody started reviewing because they despise books and want to tell the world how much reading is for losers. And I also think that I’m safe in saying that just about every one of us did some variety of happy dance when we received our first review copy from an author or publisher. It seems to be an almost universal Reviewer Thing.

Review copies are wonderful things. They signify more than just a free book. They…

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