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Kathleen Hale and the right to privacy

23 Oct

Blogger Black-out at MBRR

23 Oct

Hale vs Harris, and the Breach of Online Ethics

22 Oct

Memoirs of a Time Here-After

[10/22: This post has been edited to include new information regarding Hale & Harris’s Twitter conversations, and the dissemination of Harris’s physical address. Many thanks to commenter Cheryl for the updates.]

Over the last couple of days, fingers have been flying across keyboards all across the book industry in response to the October 18th article in the Guardian, titled Am I being catfished?’ An author confronts her number one online critic. If you have any ear turned towards author, book, or book blogger news, you’ve probably already been introduced to this story. Many prominent bloggers have thrown their weight into the ring, and what perhaps began as a largely “on the author’s side” argument, is now firmly in the realm of “what was she thinking?”

In case you aren’t aware of what happened, feel free to read the article above, or any of the others listed below. However…

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Blog blackouts and minor adjustments to VM

22 Oct

The rising costs of membership in the booktalk community

19 Oct

Blogger Interview: The Romance Evangelist

17 Oct

It’s me, it’s me!

Author Dahlia Donovan


1. What trope do you wish authors would run far, far away from?

The young woman damaged by some horrible event in her recent past who is cured by the older alpha bad boy billionaire man and his magic lovemaking. In other words, most of what you see in New Adult. 😛

2. The one book you’ll re-read over and over and over:

“Valley of the Dolls” by Jacqueline Susann. It’s probably the best “trashy novel” ever written and one I can’t help but admire every time I read it.

3. If you could rewrite one book to change one part of it, which book would you choose and what would you change?

I still wish Rhett Butler hadn’t left Scarlett O’Hara at the end of “Gone With The Wind.” I know the ending makes it more memorable and classic and all, but I’m a romance reader and I always…

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