A Break from Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

8 Feb

I love this bra guide so much, especially the constant affirmation that it’s the bras, not the breasts, that are the problem.

Duke Duke Goose

I know this is not a book review, but some of my twitter followers expressed an interest in this kind of post, so here we go.

I have very few passions in life (romance novels, cunnilingus, skillfully executed blowjobs), but one of my big passions in life is getting women into bras that fit them.

I have “atypically” shaped breasts. They’re much fuller on top than on bottom and a very broad root (don’t know what a broad rooted boob is? YOU WILL). I spent 25 years of my life being ashamed of the shape of my breasts and crying in changing rooms because bras did not fit me. I had double-boob, side-boob, too much on bottom, not enough on top of a bra. Nothing fit me. The strap was too tight, the strap crept up my back. I thought the problem was with me and my breasts.

Let me…

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