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Just Because You CAN….

10 Aug

Insta-Love Book Reviews

…doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Yes, this is about That Book.

Let’s go ahead and Voldemort it now that it’s hit mainstream media:

For Such a Time by Kate Breslin, published in April 2014 by Bethany House.

Last week, a bunch of us on Twitter decided to actually read the damn book. We all read it for different reasons — as romance readers and romance authors, as Protestants and Catholics and Jews and Hindus, as educated people who like to think of ourselves as enlightened, open-minded human beings.

We are still in the midst of an epic discussion via Google doc¹, and I am learning so much. I am obsessing over this book, because the unpacking is endless.

This post is my introductory brain dump on why I read it. Other the next few days, we’ll try to spread out a breakdown of the book in a more analytical…

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